What Kinds of Concrete Finishes are Available?

Jul 21, 2022 | 0 comments

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Concrete represents a very versatile and solid material that is used all around the world for several different types of structures. In its green form, concrete can be molded into mostly any kind of shape, finish and size you may want. By using various techniques and equipment, concrete can get a very beautiful and durable surface, with a high value from the point of view of its appearance.

There are many types of finishes recommended concrete Parker CO specialists install –  broom finish, stamped concrete finish, salt finish, swirl finish, polished finish, colored finish, exposed aggregate finish, and so on.

As the name suggests, broom finish is obtained by passing a broom over the concrete surface while it is still fresh. This way you can obtain a slip-resistant surface. Stamped concrete professionals can also help you obtain the desired texture and shape for your concrete surface.

Another interesting option is that of using salt crystals on the fresh concrete surface in order to give it a unique appearance. The resulting texture is rough and subtle, while also being quite resistant to the outside elements.

Swirl finish can be obtained by using a circular pattern for smearing the surface. Polished concrete finish is created by polishing and grinding with the help of special chemicals.