What Kinds of Concrete Finishes are Available?

Jul 21, 2022 | 0 comments


Concrete is a strong material used in many construction projects. But before concrete hardens, it can be formed into almost any shape, size and finish.

Concrete contractors use many types of finishes,  each with unique characteristics:

  • Broom Finish: This is achieved by brushing a broom over fresh concrete, creating a textured, slip-resistant surface. It’s a practical finish that enhances safety in pedestrian areas.
  • Stamped Concrete Finish: Stamped concrete allows for the creation of patterns and textures that mimic other materials like stone, brick, and tile. It’s ideal for adding decorative flair to patios, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Salt Finish: Applying salt crystals to fresh concrete and then washing them away once the concrete sets leaves behind a rugged, subtly pitted surface. This finish is not only visually unique but also durable against environmental elements.
  • Swirl Finish: A swirl finish is obtained by moving a hand trowel in a circular pattern over the concrete’s surface, providing a more artistic look compared to more functional finishes.
  • Polished Concrete: Achieved through the mechanical grinding and polishing of the concrete surface using diamond-embedded abrasives. Chemical hardeners may also be applied to enhance the concrete’s durability and finish.

Each of these finishes offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The finish you decide to have installed depend on both aspects.

Regardless of the finish you choose, regular maintenance, such as cleaning to prevent dirt build-up and staining, is essential to ensure the longevity and visual appeal of your concrete.