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07 Mar 2023

The Importance of Proper Drainage

Proper drainage of the soil is one of the essential factors contributing to the healthy growth and development of gardens. Thus, soil drainage problems must be solved before starting to grow new plants.

Soil drainage is the rate at which water enters through the soil particles. The quality and fertility of the soil matters a lot in the growth and development of plants. The soil is not only a supportive medium that allows plants to grow, but is also a natural habitat for microorganisms.

The microbial population of the soil, composed of bacteria, fungi or viruses, is largely responsible for the supply of essential nutrients for plants. Microbes help to transform organic materials into matter that plants easily assimilate. Thus, the active maintenance of the microbial population is crucial for the development of healthy and vigorous plants.

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Landscape construction irrigation pros affirm that proper drainage of the soil is an important factor in the active preservation of the microbial population, especially anaerobic microorganisms. Thus, the goal is the proper ventilation of the soil particles. In the case of flooded soils, it is a problem with how the soil is compacted. Consequently, water fills all the spaces between the soil particles, and the air no longer circulates. The result is clear: the plants are deprived of the nutrients they need.

Another problem related to soil drainage is the PH. Soils that drain quickly are generally alkaline, while soils that have drainage problems are acidic.

27 Feb 2023

The Art of Blending Function and Beauty in Landscape Design for Parker Homes

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Remodeling your landscape requires several steps. The exterior design involves the organization of your space, drawing up the available perimeter and assigning a use destination for each area. Taking into account these aspects, a reputable landscaping company will design the project to include a series of general principles, but also some individualized creative attributes as well.

For the creation of a lush and modern unitary whole, from a visual point of view, as well as from the point of view of the quality and durability of the materials used, a very important aspect that must be taken into account is the harmony created between the exterior of the house itself and the design of the yard.

The simplest combination you can do is at the chromatic level. Thus, the exterior arrangement must include a complementary or similar color palette to that of the paint on the house, so that the result is visually appealing. For example, if you have a house with a façade in shades of white and brown, you should use a slightly more vivid landscape design in shades of green, white and brown.

You can choose to finish the elements or functional areas in the yard according to the façade of the house (for example, opting for the same style of building materials and roofing). If the house has a geometric shape, you can opt for a simple flooring solution, or for one with different geometric shapes.


20 Feb 2023

The Differences Between Snow Plowing and Snow Removal

There are people who do not know the difference between snow plowing and snow removal, but these two operations are not exactly the same thing, and the difference can actually be important, because the results you get are not going to be the same.

Snow Plowing

Snow plowing is the process of using special machinery to push away the snow from driveways, sidewalks and pedestrian roads. Pushing away the snow means putting it on the sides, not actually removing it. You will free the road, but the snow will still be there, on the sides.

Centennial snow removal

Snow Removal

If your purpose is to get rid of the snow completely, you should use dependable Centennial snow removal services. This way, the snow on your property will be put into a truck and moved away.

Snow removal services are typically more expensive than snow plowing services, but they are worthwhile, especially if your property is small, and the snow takes up way too much space. Besides, it is the best way to make sure that your property is clean and safe, and there are no risks of slipping and falling.

Both snow plowing and snow removal refer to getting rid of the snow and keeping a property safe and clean, only that the first method does the job partially, while the second provides complete snow removal.


13 Feb 2023
snow plowing Centennial

The History and Evolution of Snow Plowing Equipment

In the past, getting rid of the snow was not exactly something to be very concerned about. The first tools designed to do this operation were 100% manual (shovels and brooms). The first machinery appeared in the 1800s; it was used to pack the snow down into a dense trackway, so they didn’t actually clean it away.

Horse-drawn “wedge” plows appeared in the middle of the 1800s, but they were not very efficient either, as it was hard work for the horses and besides, these machines often created large piles of snow blocking side streets.

The rotary snowplow, which was the forerunner of the modern snow blower, was invented in the late 19th century. However, it was tall and designed to be placed on the front of a train engine. These machines got progressively smaller over the next decades, also becoming cheaper and easier to use.

Eventually, they turned into the human-controlled versions that we know today. Many of them combined the truck-mounted snow plows with motorized salt spreading machines, which increased their efficiency.

The snow plow “blade” has also evolved in different ways, for highway use, residential streets and different other locations with their own specific needs.

The snow plowing equipment is not fundamentally different from what it used to be in the late 1800s, but the design has been continually improving.

For state of the art, dependable snow plowing Centennial services, contact The Perfect Lawn Landscaping.

04 Feb 2023

Benefits of Installing New Concrete Walkways on Your Property

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It doesn’t matter if you had a walkway on your property or not. Installing a new one can be a great idea either way, even if all you’re looking for is some additional curb appeal. You’ll find that with modern walkway installation methods, local concreting contractors Parker residents endorse can provide you with quite a few benefits by helping you install your brand new, unique walkways:

  • Your new concrete walkways will look great and provide a more modern as well as artistic look to your property. Modern walkways feature many unique designs and color choices that you can consider. All you need to do is ask your contractor to show you some of the designs, or to give you some hints on what might be possible for building a custom made concrete walkway.
  • If you have an old walkway that would need heavy restoration, and want to bypass the process, then it’s always best to install a brand new one. Depending on how damaged your old concrete walkways are, you might even be able to save some money by installing a new one – especially if the old material can be salvaged and reused.
  • A new concrete walkway will prove to be far more robust than the old one. Moreover, the experts you hire can design heated walkways that will not freeze in winter and remain more stable in the long run for added durability.
27 Jan 2023

How Do Landscapers Install a Rock Garden?

Rock gardens, also known as stone gardens or rockeries, are outdoor spaces that feature a variety of rocks and stones arranged in a natural or decorative manner. Some of the more sophisticated rock gardens are used to add visual interest, artistic appeal and texture to a landscape, as well as to provide a nourishing habitat for plants that thrive in rocky or well-draining soil.

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To install a rock garden, you have to start by discussing the best location for it with your contractors. Rock gardens work best in sunny, well-draining areas that also have a slight slope. Avoid low-lying areas where water may collect, and don’t choose areas with a lot of trees, if you want to plant herbs or flowers in the vicinity, that might need adequate sunlight.

The next step your landscapers will take will be to clear the area. They’ll remove any grass, weeds, or debris from the area where the rock garden will be located.

Following that, rock garden landscape installation specialists will proceed to arrange the rocks in a natural or decorative pattern, taking into account their size, shape, and color. Larger rocks will play the role of the foundation and smaller rocks will primarily be used as filler, or to add an artistic touch. Soils of various types will fill in any gaps between the rocks, leaving just enough space for plants to grow. Some of the plants you can consider might include succulents, cactus, and alpine plants.

Finally, the finishing touches of your rock garden will be to add mulch or small stones around the plants which will assist in retaining moisture and preventing weeds from growing.

18 Jan 2023

Centennial Snowplowing Removal – We Help Your Business Stay Open!

commercial snow removal Centennial

When snow falls in Colorado, it really means business. Unfortunately, it might also mean that your business will be closed, if customers can’t get to you, or worse – if your gate won’t even open because of excess snow on the premises. That’s where Centennial snow removal experts come in. Professional commercial snow removal Centennial technicians will help remove enough snow from your street and your commercial property to ensure that your business can stay open and continue to make money.

To begin the process, your experts in commercial snow removal from Centennial will assess the size and layout of the area to be cleared, as well as any potential obstacles or hazards that may be present. Based on this assessment, they will determine the appropriate equipment and crew size needed to complete the job as efficiently and effortlessly as possible.

Once the necessary preparations have been made, the snow plowing crew will begin the process of removing snow and ice from the area. This may involve using a variety of methods, such as shoveling, using snow blowers, or using specialized snow removal equipment. The crew will also typically apply salt or other de-icing agents to help prevent ice from forming again after the snow has been cleared. Even though complications could arise in the use of any of the methods mentioned here, Centennial professionals are experienced enough to deal with just about any unexpected issue, so that the snow on your property can be removed easily and in record time.

11 Jan 2023

The Keys to Successful Commercial Snow Removal

The Perfect Lawn Landscaping, Inc

Commercial snow removal in Centennial CO involves clearing snow and ice from roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas of a commercial property. This service is typically provided by companies that specialize in snow removal and is often contracted out by businesses, municipalities, government and state institutions, and other organizations. The goal of successful commercial snow removal is to ensure that their properties are safe and accessible during winter weather.

The best services might make use of several approaches to efficiently remove snow from a commercial property:

  • Shoveling is the most basic method of snow removal, and it involves manually shoveling snow off of sidewalks, driveways, and other areas.
  • Plowing is a method that involves using a vehicle equipped with a blade or plow to push snow off of roads, parking lots, and other large areas.
  • Through salting, services spread salt or other deicing chemicals on sidewalks, roads, and other surfaces to melt ice and prevent it from forming.
  • Large scale projects use snow blowers, which are specialized machines that use a spinning blade to blow snow off of sidewalks, driveways, and other areas.
  • The best Centennial snow removal companies may also use specialized equipment that melts snow and ice using heat or other methods.

Generally speaking, commercial snow removal companies, find a great one here https://theperfectlawn1.com/, will work to clear snow and ice from a property as quickly as possible following snowfall. If you want the best results for your commercial space, make sure the experts you hire are well-versed in using the methods presented above.

06 Jan 2023

How Is It Best to Deal with Snow Removal in Parker CO? 

commercial snow removal Parker

You know that you generally get a lot of snow in winter in Parker, CO. And you have a legal obligation to keep your driveway clear of snow and safe to walk on. But how do you deal with this issue?

Here are some potential solutions compared:

  1. You Remove the Snow Yourself

If you have the time and you don’t mind the effort, you can start shoveling the snow away. Remember that you have to do it every day if we get a winter with heavy snows. Wouldn’t you rather spend your free time with your spouse and kids, having fun and relaxing? Not to mention that you may take a bad fall and spend your winter holidays in a cast.

  1. You Hire the Kid Next Door

The kid next door used to be the standard solution for American homeowners to remove snow from their driveway. Note the past tense – used to. Now kids are not willing to waste their free time on a very low paying job – they either get an allowance for parents or a part time job that pays enough to buy video games, gadgets and cool clothes.

  1. You Hire a Snow Plowing Company

The best way of dealing with snow removal is to hire a top commercial snow removal Parker company. You will pay an affordable fee and have the assurance that snow will be cleared from your driveway whenever it is necessary and in a short time. This leaves you free to enjoy the winter with your family and play in snow only where you want it to be.

29 Dec 2022

3 Driveway Replacement Ideas for Your Parker CO Home 

You did your best to remodel your home and hired landscaping specialists for your yard. But your driveway ruins the general impression of beauty. It is just a bland strip of concrete. Yet, you can’t give it up – you still need to drive your car to and from the garage. What can you do, then?

driveway replacement Parker

Here are three driveway replacement ideas from leading driveway replacement Parker contractors:

  1. English Garden Driveway

This enchanting driveway blends perfectly with the front lawn. In fact, it is the extension of the lawn, with paver stones arranged to create to large strips for the tires of your car. The secret of a beautiful driveway in this style is not to look for stones with perfect geometrical shapes. Make them looks as if they are naturally occurring there.

  1. Cobblestone and Grass Driveway

Cobblestones have been used for centuries to pave roads for carts and for automobiles. They are sturdy, smooth and have a very long lifespan. You can create a driveway out of cobblestones and plant grass among them. The driveway will look great in all seasons.

  1. Resurfaced Concrete Driveway

Resurfaced concrete is a budget friendly way of improving the look of your driveway. Specialists can fix all the cracks in the concrete, apply a sealant to protect it, and then finish it with a coat of decorative paint. This type of paint is available in a very wide range of colors and textures to match the general décor of your home and garden.