Winterizing Your Landscape: Essential Tips and Steps

Dec 17, 2023

Winterizing your landscape is like giving your garden a cozy blanket for the cold season. And you can do that by relying on the services of an experienced landscaping company. But there are also some essential tips you can use.

For instance, you should trim your plants and cut back dead branches, overgrown bits, and so on, because this helps them stay healthy and grow back strong in the spring.

Cleaning up fallen leaves and debris is also very helpful, because this prevents mold and disease, so your garden stays happy and strong all throughout the year.

Another good idea is to spread a thick layer around your plants to keep the soil cozy, because this also helps retain moisture and protects the roots from the winter chill.

We have to say that plants get thirsty in winter too, so you should water them in a moderate amount. You should give them a drink if the soil is dry. But if the soil is wet, you should let them be.

And in case you have potted plants, you should bring them closer to the house. Moreover, you should disconnect and store your garden hoses, because frozen hoses and pipes do not go together well. Also, you should choose plants that love winter, such as winter flowers and evergreen shrubs.