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23 Aug 2022

Practical Solutions for Landscaping – Dealing with a Broken Concrete Driveway

Landscaping in Parker can face many challenges. For instance, you may have to deal with a broken concrete driveway. First of all, you need to determine the exact causes for broken concrete. It may often happen for them to be the result of soil movement and tree roots. Natural cycles such as freezing and thawing can also lead to a broken concrete driveway.

And before having your concrete fixed by a dependable driveway replacement Parker team, you need to thoroughly clean it. A pressure washer can help you get rid of mold, dirt and mildew. You should begin by wetting down the concrete to make sure that the cleaner does not dry out too fast.

Then a cleaning solution can be applied to the concrete structure. After that, what a contractor usually does is start mixing the concrete for making the repairs. The best choice is that of a concrete mixture which also contains gravel. The consistency of the concrete is very important also. This mixture is then poured onto the cracked area in your driveway. The cracks are filled with a trowel. Then these cracks are smoothed out, and, finally, the concrete is left to dry, preferably overnight. And after that, applying resurfacing concrete is another great idea.

07 Jul 2022

Why Hire a Parker Snow Plowing Company in Summer

snow plowing Parker

The peak of summer is not exactly the time when we think of snow and the importance of efficient snow removal. However, the summer is considered to be the best period for contacting and hiring a snow plowing Parker company. Here are some reasons why:

  • Easier for your snow plowing company to assess areas that will need to be cleaned – when your property is covered in snow, assessing the surface of the area and identifying important sections is more difficult than in summer, when your space is more visible.
  • Easier for your company to plan – allocating resources and equipment is easier for your plowing company if they know well in advance how many clients will need their services.
  • You can contact more companies – the hiring process should involve contacting multiple companies to be able to collect quotes and to pick the partner that works best for you. Starting the process in summer will give you more time to evaluate the quotes you have received.
  • Peace of mind – having hired a snow plowing company by the time the first snow comes will give you the peace of mind that your property will be safe without you having to stress and invest energy.