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29 Dec 2022

3 Driveway Replacement Ideas for Your Parker CO Home 

You did your best to remodel your home and hired landscaping specialists for your yard. But your driveway ruins the general impression of beauty. It is just a bland strip of concrete. Yet, you can’t give it up – you still need to drive your car to and from the garage. What can you do, then?

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Here are three driveway replacement ideas from leading driveway replacement Parker contractors:

  1. English Garden Driveway

This enchanting driveway blends perfectly with the front lawn. In fact, it is the extension of the lawn, with paver stones arranged to create to large strips for the tires of your car. The secret of a beautiful driveway in this style is not to look for stones with perfect geometrical shapes. Make them looks as if they are naturally occurring there.

  1. Cobblestone and Grass Driveway

Cobblestones have been used for centuries to pave roads for carts and for automobiles. They are sturdy, smooth and have a very long lifespan. You can create a driveway out of cobblestones and plant grass among them. The driveway will look great in all seasons.

  1. Resurfaced Concrete Driveway

Resurfaced concrete is a budget friendly way of improving the look of your driveway. Specialists can fix all the cracks in the concrete, apply a sealant to protect it, and then finish it with a coat of decorative paint. This type of paint is available in a very wide range of colors and textures to match the general décor of your home and garden.

05 Dec 2022

Is Driveway Replacement in Parker, CO a Difficult Process?

Because driveways are not used only for cars, they can get damaged from time to time, and sometimes they even need replacement. But the good news is concrete work is not such a difficult task, if done by professional hands.

Aging causes driveways to crack, heave and spall. Whereas many areas can be fixed, some have to be replaced. Resurfacing or replacing your driveway are the two main options that you have.

When you have your driveway replaced, you certainly can improve the overall appearance of your entire home. The entire process presupposes the removal of the old driveway and then digging down in order to achieve the necessary depth.

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According to a superior concreting company Parker homeowners have used, you can choose from a wide range of surfaces for your driveway, including gravel, concrete, asphalt, paving stones, etc. We need to mention the fact that a replaced driveway will certainly last longer than a resurfaced one. This is explained by the existence of the ground beneath, and thanks to the preparation of the base.

A replaced driveway will certainly look better than a merely surfaced one. The edging can also be integrated into the design of the driveway. Another great advantage of going for this option is the fact that you can thus upgrade the look of your landscape.


28 Sep 2022

Unique Problems with Driveway Replacement in Parker

Among the most important constructive elements for exterior design, there are alley borders, parking lots, pedestrian spaces, courtyards, gardens, roads and access ways to public buildings, residential complexes, private dwellings, etc.

Access ways are elements of the general décor of the entire exterior space of different types of properties, serving the transit from one area to another. They are made by professional builders in collaboration with landscapers, to be integrated into the chosen design style.

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Driveway replacement in Parker therefore requires the intervention of the same specialists.

When it comes to replacing your driveway, there are some unique problems that you will have to deal with. The entire process can be quite disturbing for your commercial activity, as it involves concrete demolition, jackhammers and haulers, so it is important to find a concrete service provider able to address your business`s needs.

Often, commercial property owners end up replacing driveways on their property because they become cracked, chipped, stained or worn down to the aggregate. However, concrete service Parker specialists who deal with driveway replacement may also suggest you other solutions, less disruptive for your business, as there are decorative concrete options that can be successfully used to repair and restore your driveway, and they will spare you the inconvenience of demolition and replacement.