Solutions for a Stamped Concrete Patio in Parker, CO

Aug 30, 2022 | 0 comments

Stamped concrete is created by pouring concrete and then stamping it with a certain pattern, to give it a specific shape and texture. Thus, it may look like brick, slate or stone. Because it is more affordable than these materials, people use stamped concrete on their patios or decks. Nevertheless, a stamped concrete patio in Parker requires maintenance, as it needs sealing on a yearly basis.

The thing is it needs to be sealed in order to be able to use the warranty for this type of landscaping element. Although many people use salt to give stamped concrete a special texture, salt has the ability to deteriorate concrete in time. So a better solution suggested by a landscaping company with stamped concrete experience would be to interlock stones with polymeric sand between all the patio’s joints.

patio concrete Parker

According to a highly regarded patio concrete Parker contractor, one of the best things about stamped concrete is the fact that it offers practically limitless design options. For instance, if you have a brick house, you may want to match it with a border which has a brick pattern. Moreover, stamped concrete is resistant to slipping and it is very easy to maintain.

Not only patios, but also more complex elements such as fountains or steps can benefit from the amazing versatility of stamped concrete.